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Extreme Weight Diet Pills for Men

All companies offering weight-loss supplements make too many promises. But still there are really few kinds of pills which prove to be effective in the process of losing weight. Today let's talk about extreme weight loss pills for men.


Ephedra is one of the drugs known to assist people in losing weight but it is not for everyone. On the warning labels you can see that it is not recommended to people with heart diseases, high blood pressure and other health problems. One American is even known to die after taking ephedra because he ignored the given warnings as for health problems. However, the FDA banned ephedra more than two years ago. Nevertheless, manufacturers still sell their products. They have given other names to their drugs, changed their formula a little bit and promise impressive results. Besides, these companies don't even prohibit eating such high-calorie products as cakes. Despite banning, in 2002 ephedra sales as a weight-loss supplement reached $25 million.

Ephedra-free Hydroxycut

The manufacturers claim that this drug can help increase one's body's potential to lose weight and reduce desire to eat. The main active ingredient is Hydroxycitric acid that is in fact an extract of an Indian fruit which is called malabar tamarind. It is well known that hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is a natural appetite suppressant. The truth is that it is really natural but the study showed that a daily dose of 1,500-milligram (mg) had no effect on weight loss or appetite.

However, the company tells about a study (that wasn't published yet) that proved that people who took 2,800 mg HCA daily for 8 weeks lost some weight. But experts remain skeptical and unconvinced. The verdict was even more disappointing: as there's no evidence of the drug's effectiveness, forget about it, stop consuming it and don't lie to yourself. It's recommended to stick to a fruit or vegetable diet. By the way, a fruit extract is known to contain a good hunger squelcher: pectin. Only 5 mg of gelatinlike substance (one large apple) will reduce weight and increase satiety.

Xenadrine EFX

The manufacturers claim that this drug uses advanced thermogenic technology. The main ingredient is Thermodyne complex that includes caffeine and green-tea extract. The Chinese have drunk green tea for many years, so it is not an "advanced" technology any more. But, according to the study, when 10 men were given 50 mg caffeine and 270 mg EGCG (a compound found in green tea), their metabolism increased by 4 percent, in comparison with less than 1 percent when consuming caffeine alone. During a year one can lose up to 12 pounds with such a technology.

Unfortunately, the study only paid attention to the effects of caffeine and EGCG over one day. As scientists claim, green-tea extract increases metabolism for only 24 hours, but this effect ceases the next day. The verdict was not promising as well: if one doesn't know the amount of caffeine and green tea that should be consumed every day, there won't be any effect. It is better to eat 1 cup of cottage cheese, a sources of protein casein, before sleep. Casein reduces catabolism, a process when a body breaks down muscle tissue instead of fat during sleep.

Most individuals who want to lose weight will always be searching for diets on how to lose weight quickly. They are turning to fad diets and crash diets to achieve rapid weight loss without considering the consequences that go with these kinds of diets. Little do they that these diets are don't work permanently and that they affect and harm their body system significantly.
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